Chapter 6: Contemporary Manifestations of Child Labor

Chapter 6: Contemporary Manifestations of Child Labor

6.1 Agriculture and Rural Exploitation

Child labor continues to be prevalent in agricultural settings, particularly in rural areas. This section explores the specific challenges and manifestations of child labor in agriculture, highlighting the need for targeted interventions to address this critical sector.

6.2 Urban Informal Sector

In urban environments, children are often engaged in the informal sector, working in markets, street vending, and small enterprises. This chapter delves into the complexities of child labor in urban settings, emphasizing the unique challenges faced by children in these environments.

6.3 Hazardous Work Environments

Some children are subjected to hazardous work environments, including mining, construction, and other high-risk industries. This section sheds light on the dangerous conditions faced by child laborers and emphasizes the urgency of eradicating such exploitative practices.