Here is a draft blog post with a casual tone and long length on the topic of “Presentation Project Maker”:

Hey everyone,

So I just finished putting together this crazy presentation project for one of my classes and wanted to share some tips and tricks I learned along the way in case any of you are working on something similar.

My project was to research and present on an emerging technology and its potential impact. At first I was super overwhelmed thinking about how much info I needed to gather and organize. There was no way I was gonna be able to memorize all the details, so I knew I needed some kind of visual aid.

After kicking around a few ideas, I decided a presentation maker like Prezi or Haiku Deck would be the way to go. They allow you to get really creative with layouts and motion which helps keep people engaged. Plus you can embed all sorts of media like videos, images, and diagrams to bring your content to life.

The first step was outlining everything I wanted to cover in my presentation. I made a detailed list of all the key points, facts, and arguments I needed to hit on. This helped me get organized and figure out the overall flow before starting to build it out visually.

Once I had my outline down, I dove into Prezi. The interface took a little getting used to since it works more like a canvas than linear slides. But once I played around with it for a bit, I really started to see the potential.

I was able to structure my presentation more like a journey, zooming in and out of different sections rather than just clicking through slide after slide. This made my info feel more immersive and allowed natural transitions between topics.

As I added content, I experimented with different layouts, animations, and motion paths. Being able to zoom from a high level concept all the way into the nitty gritty details with a single click was really engaging. I also embedded videos and GIFs to illustrate complex processes in a visual way.

When it came time to present, I loved being able to navigate fluidly between sections rather than being locked into linear slide order. It made things feel more natural and conversational. I was also able to zoom in on specific quotes or diagrams to call attention to important points.

Overall, using a presentation maker like Prezi totally stepped up my project. The visuals helped reinforce concepts in a memorable way and kept my audience engaged throughout. I’d definitely recommend experimenting with different layouts and animations to make your content as impactful as possible.

If any of you have a big presentation coming up, I’d suggest giving Prezi or Haiku Deck a try. Taking the time to build it out creatively really paid off and made all my hard work researching actually enjoyable. Let me know if you have any other questions!